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Tapioca Pearl

  • A small chewy and starchy ball made from the starch of the cassava root. The tapioca pearl is a delicious addition to your boba tea and an important component to your drink, consumed through a wide straw.

    Makes 10 servings per pack.

    For instructions on how to prepare the tapioca pearls, please refer to the recipes page.

    Note: Requires cooking.
  • Nutrition information

    Serving size: 50g
    Servings per package: 10

    Average quantity

    Fat (total)
    Saturated fat

    Per serve

    507 kJ
    0.5 g
    0.0 g
    0.0 g
    30.0 g
    0.0 g
    23 mg

    Per 100 g

    1013 kJ
    1.0 g
    0.0 g
    0.0 g
    60.0 g
    0.0 g
    45 mg

    Ingredients: Tapioca starch, water, caramel colours, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, potassium sorbate (preservative), brown sugar flavour.

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