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Chocolate Powder

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  • Deliciously rich and creamy, just like a good iced chocolate. Take it to the next level and sub the water for milk!

    Makes 10 servings per pack.

    For instructions on how to prepare the powder, please refer to the recipes page.

    Note: Does not include tapioca pearls.
  • Nutrition information

    Serving size: 40g
    Servings per package: 10

    Average quantity

    Fat (total)
    Saturated fat

    Per serve

    698 kJ
    1.6 g
    7.0 g
    7.0 g
    24.5 g
    14.7 g
    47 mg

    Per 100 g

    1746 kJ
    3.9 g
    17.5 g
    17.5 g
    61.3 g
    36.8 g
    116 mg

    Ingredients: Chocolate powder (non-dairy creamer, glucose, granulated sugar, chocolate powder), non-dairy creamer (corn syrup, vegetable fat, cyclone dextrine, palm oil, mineral salt (340), colour (160b)).

  • Contains sodium caseinate (milk derived).